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Welcome to the new ERA of Health Care

We offer excellence in health care to help you recover, perform better and return to a normal life in less time.

We use the most modern techniques and diagnostic equipment to treat our patients effectively and efficiently. All the treatments are given with tender care and the concern you deserve. All the treatment in the world would not help if everyone wasn’t treated with special care and concern. Our treatments consist of chiropractic care, asthetic medicine, therapy, rehabilitation, massage therapy, cellulite reduction and weight management. We have the most modern state of the art equipment that includes in office x-ray facilities, laboratory, neurological testing, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, traction, diathermy, treadmills, bikes and rehabilitation equipment. With our state of the art equipment and personalized service our patients improve faster and more completely than with traditional treatments.


A perfect combination of health care professionals that will work together to help you recover rapidly from your health condition. Our services consists of chiropractic, asthetic medicine, therapy and rehabilitation. Our professional staff consists of chiropractors, registered nurses, certified medical electologists, and massage therapists. Whatever your health concerns may be our doctors are here to assist you.If you need treatment or services outside our facility we work with a group of excellent specialists we can refer you to. By consulting with us first we can assure that you get the care needed.

As well as referring to other specialists, many orthopedists, neurosurgeons,  family physicians, dentists and chiropractors refer patients to us for diagnostic tests, treatment and rehabilitation. We treat a variety of medical conditions and injuries. We are no strangers to treating personal injury cases that arise from auto accidents, sports injuries and other forms of trauma. We treat patients from infants to seniors.


Strength training and physical rehabilitation combined with customized exercise program instruction and supervision enables you to return to optimum function sooner than with traditional treatments. We offer treadmills, stationary bikes and weight equipment. We also offer properioceptive exercise treatments utilizing physioballs, therabands, synergy systems and wobble/balance boards. Whether you have been in an accident, hurt on the job, a weekend sports enthusiast or at the professional level, we can customize a treatment program just for you and your special needs.


As soon as you are greeted by our great staff, you will notice we’re not like any other treatment facility you have been to in the past. Our loving, courteous and professional front desk staff will assist you in navigating the confusing waters of insurance matters, scheduling convenient appointments and lending a caring hand for any concern you may have. If you need to see one of our professional doctors on staff, or you need to see another specialist, they will assist you in your time of need.

We invite you to visit our office. Call today for more information and see how we can help you create the lifestyle you deserve. We CAN make the difference! Remember, the longer you wait, the worse your condition will become.


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