Oriental medicine is a natural approach, which is based on the treatment of all bodily systems. Acupuncture benefits the improvement of physical health conditions. Acupuncture works directly with the body's energy or qi, as acupuncture practitioners believe that illnesses can be a result of the natural flow of energy through the body becoming stuck, depleted or weakened and thus making the individual susceptible to illness. Acupuncture benefits the rebalance of qi through treatment of specific acupoints related to symptoms or illness present. Treatment can be effective in removing these energy obstructions. Through clinical trials, acupuncture has been proven effective in treating various medical conditions and its use has been expanded into conventional medicine practices. Although best known for the control of pain, acupuncture benefits a wide variety of disorders. Neurological and musculoskeletal disorders including frozen shoulder or Tennis elbow, sciatica are also treatable with acupuncture. Additional benefits of acupuncture are faster recovery from injuries, decreased symptoms of stress and improved circulation. Acupuncture benefits the strengthening of the immune system function, which through treatment is better able to withstand colds and minor infections. Acupuncture can also be beneficial when used alongside conventional medicine treatments for both acute and chronic disease. Often used as a form of preventative medicine, acupuncture is beneficial in preventing illness from occurring. Many people receive acupuncture without suffering from any particular malady or ailment. Treatment strengthens general constitution, and can correct a feeling of being unwell although there is no physical disorder, imbalance or illness in the traditional Western medicine sense.
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