Clinical Hypnotherapy

Up to 60% of illness can result from the mind and stress.

About Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a state of mental relaxation. In this state, the conscious Mind temporarily steps aside and allows positive suggestions to enter your subconscious. These suggestions are then acted upon for the greater good of that person. The subconscious (90% of your mind), triggers your behaviors or habits (good or bad) Through hypnosis positive suggestions are given and the subconscious will work towards that goal immediately (weight loss, stop smoking, end of fear, control chronic pain and so much more). Simple, Safe & Powerful!

Everyone can be hypnotized and everyone enjoys the pleasant relaxing daydream like state. We are all in that state twice every day, right before you fall asleep and right after awakening. It is that day dreamy state.

It is impossible to control or harm anyone with hypnosis. Suggestions given by the hypnotist that are contrary to that persons wishes, morals, beliefs or desires are instantly rejected.

Stop Smoking

Whether you are a light smoker or 2 packs a day – it doesn’t matter. With your desire to quit and hypnosis you can end your use of cigarettes. Start adding days back to your life and put your hard earned money back in your pocket. (save $100 a month) Your health will begin improving eliminating your biggest risk factor for cancer, heart disease, strokes and lung disease. Hypnosis will take out the struggle – no withdrawal, no cravings, no weight gain. Just immediate positive change.

Weight Loss

Lose weight without dieting – with hypnosis, you are eating to lose weight. Hypnosis will give you 10 times more will power to stay with a healthy eating and exercise lifestyle. You eat to achieve that slim attractive body. More energy and mental clarity.

Safe, Simple, and Powerful!

If you are on a weight loss program for obesity, then hypnosis gives you the will power to keep on your program. When you reach your ideal weight, hypnosis will keep you eating healthy and maintaining your new body. Each session comes with two follow-up sessions within 12 months if needed. Weight loss deal with multiple patterns of behavior and 2 sessions are recommended. Support tapes – supplied – are essential for long term success. Habits – good or bad – develop after 20 repetitions. Your support tape is the glue for positive lifestyle change.


  1. Every thought, feeling or idea causes and includes a physical reaction!
  2. What is expected tends to be realized.

Hypnosis focuses you on positive outcomes!

Let Hypnosis Work for You

Weight Loss
Loss weight without dieting – you are eating to lose weight.
Stop Smoking
Stop smoking with 1 session.
Stress Management

Eliminate your stress and take control.Study Habits / Memory Improve study performance, concentration and recall. Relieve test anxiety.Sports Enhancement

The power of the mind is as important as the body’s condition. Reach your true potential in any sport by increasing focus, concentration, confidence and eliminate competition anxiety.

Other Applications

  • Procrastination
  • Self-Confidence
  • Public Speaking
  • Obsessive Behaviors
  • Smokeless Tobacco
  • Sexual Enrichment
  • Fears or Phobias
  • Nail Biting
  • Anger Management
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