1. What is the Accu-Spina Logic System?
  2. How does IDD Therapy work?
  3. How does the Accu-Spina Logic System operate?
  4. What are the indicated uses?
  5. What is the difference between the Accu-Spina Logic System and traction?
  6. What results can you expect?
  7. What clinical studies have been performed on the Accu-Spina Logic System?
  8. Is the Accu-Spina Logic System FDA registered for use?

What is the Accu-Spina Logic System?

The Accu-Spina Logic System is the "Rolls Royce of Back Machines". It is the newest, most advanced piece of medical equipment of its type on the market. The machine has obtained amazing results, as attested to by thousands of patients.

This revolutionary machine represents a quantum leap forward in bio-engineering by combining in one machine Lumbar Decompression, Cervical Decompression, and High Tension Oscillation (which may prevent stimulus accommodation response while enhancing muscular relaxation). Certified to administer IDD Therapy (Intervertebral Disc Decompression), Accu-Spina is a computer-controlled, high tech pain reduction and healing system. The machine was developed after many years of research and development by a team of physicians and medical manufacturing specialists, including a renowned neurosurgeon. Manufactured with ultrafine components, Accu-Spina offers an advance technique to doctors for non-surgical treatment of the spine and is under UL compliance and listing completion.

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How does IDD Therapy work?

Decompression is achieved throughout the process on the Accu-Spina creating negative intradiscular pressure retracting the herniation and healing the damaged area. The desired Angle of Distraction (from 10 to 35 degrees) is entered into the computer. This entry micro-targets the affected lumbar or cervical vertebra, allowing computer-controlled vertebrae movement of 3 to 5 millimeters.

The patient experiences a firm, but steady and comfortable pulling, which separates the vertebrae ever so slightly. This creates a vacuum that simultaneously draws in the surrounding fluid and re-hydrates discs.

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How does the Accu-Spina Logic System operate?

Patients are fitted with unique chest and lumbar harnesses. They then step onto the loading platform where they are lowered to the supine position. The harnesses are connected to both the end of the table and Omnitower respectively. Arm supports are placed in the armpit region immobilizing the upper torso. A special air bladder located in the lumbar belt is inflated creating a fulcrum, thus focusing treatment to the LI to L5 region. The lower pelvic belt is attached to the Omnitower, which is elevated 10 to 35 degrees above the patient. The combination of angle of pull and air bladder create a fulcrum pinpointing treatment to the LI to L5 region. The system is quickly programmed for intervals of 60 seconds of decompression followed by 30 seconds of partial relaxation. The entire procedure, with sep up time, is approximately 25 minutes.

To promote relaxation, the Accu-Spina Logic System is equipped with a Compact Disc Player and Headphones so patients can enjoy the music of their choice. Additionally, the system has a special blue Miata light located above the patient that has been shown to promote relaxation. Proprioceptor response is minimized giving patients the most effective and relaxing treatments possible.

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What are the indicated uses?

Patients with acute and chronic lower and cervical back pain can benefit from IDD Therapy treatments. Specifically, the system provides a program of treatments for relief from pain for those patients suffering with lumbar and cervical pain. Each treatment consists of a physician prescribed program on the Accu-Spina Logic System and is designed to provide static, intermittent, and cycling distraction forces to relieve pressures on structures that may be causing back pain, through non-surgical decompression of discs; that is, unloading, due to distraction and positioning. It relieves pain associated with herniated discs, protruding discs, degenerative disc disease, posterior facet syndrome, and sciatica.

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What is the difference between the Accu-Spina Logic System and traction?

Traction disperses the energy of weights through pulleys in a linear fashion along a series of spinal segments in a non-specific and relatively imprecise manner. Ordinary traction has actually been shown to increase the pressure inside the disc as a result of increased proprioceptor firing in the papaspinal muscles.

The Accu-Spina Logic System utilizing IDD Therapy protocols, isolates LI through L5 with a unique air bladder system, positioning an angle of pull. Its patented Omni-Tower provides for micro-target apinal segment distraction to create a negative pressure within the affected disc. In this manner, natural healing can occur as damaged discs rehydrate with restored nutrient flow.

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What results can you expect?

Most patients are scheduled for 20 twenty-five minute treatments over a 4-week period. The typical patient may feel relief between the 5th and 8th treatment. Pre and post treatment MRIs have shown 50% reduction in the size and extent of herniations after 4 weeks of treatments. In initial clinical studies, a full 86% of patients with disc problems reported relief with the machine.

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What clinical studies have been performed on the Accu-Spina Logic System?

Several clinical studies have been conducted on the DRS System, our first decompression machine. Case studies have also been done on the Spina System (both machines are predecessors by the makers of the Accu-Spina Logic System).

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Is the Accu-Spina Logic System FDA registered for use?

Yes, the Spina System / Accu-Spina Logic System has received 510(k) clearance to market.

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