Physio-Therapy & Rehab

  Orthopedic and musculoskeletal injury rehabilitation focuses on treating conditions specific to the supporting structures of your body. Some of the common conditions it can help treat include: post operative care, acute injuries and trauma, total joint replacement, chronic diseases and conditions, arthritis and other degenerative joint conditions. By focusing on specific areas of your musculoskeletal system (bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, cartilage, spine and joints) that are impacted by injury, disease or trauma, our doctors are able to target treatment and develop a customized plan to help you achieve the most rapid and complete recovery possible. Treatment may include manual therapy (hands-on mobilization of soft tissue), modalities (ultrasound, electrical stimulation), therapeutic exercise (range of motion, strengthening) and other therapies that target the underlying cause of your pain and treat the effects of your injury or disease. Here are 10 benefits of using physiotherapy to manage and prevent physical problems. 1.) Eliminated or minimize your pain - No more time wasted worrying about that nagging pain. Our goal is to get you free of pain and feeling healthy again.  2.) Muscle flexibility restored  - so you can feel relaxed and have ease of movement throughout your daily activities. Why? In your daily activities you will need full range of motion for your function; therefore you need full flexibility of the muscles.   3.) Muscle strength restored  - so you can take on all your activities on the weekend and not feel like you cannot do them or are at risk of injury. ( ie. playing freely with your kids and keeping up to them.)  4.) Joint range of motion restored  - this is important because if you have:  a. Neck injury - when driving you will need to check your blind spot to avoid a vehicle collision.  b. Lower back injury - being able to move to bend over and twist to do your daily activities and sports.  c. Shoulder injury - being able to reach to grab objects above your head and behind you.  5.) Increased function at work and play  - You will need to use your body to do everyday activities at home and at work. For example lifting your little children into the car seat. Lawn and garden care in the spring and summer or raking leaves in the fall.  6.) Increased endurance at work and play  -More ENERGY for longer more productive days!  7.) Peace of mind  - not having to worry about that nagging pain that was limiting your function.  8.) Being able to sleep uninterrupted and free of pain at night  - Awaking feeling recharged and ready to take on the challenges ahead for that day!  9.) Discontinue or reduce your medication consumption  -therefore less risk and potential side effects associated with prolonged use of medication.  10.) Return to playing your favorite sport  and hobbies that you have enjoyed that provide you with a higher quality of life.   All of these 10 benefits are what our staff at APMR focus on to restore your overall function to get you moving faster and feeling better. We will provide you with a customized recovery program that will restore you to your maximal potential, and get you moving faster. When it comes to back pain, prevention is undoubtedly better than cure. Yet most of us are guilty of ignoring our health until it starts to interfere with our daily life. Those little twinges and pangs that occur with increasing regularity are often consigned to the area of the mind marked 'probably shouldn't worry'. Perhaps it's testament to our stiff upper lip culture that we prefer just to soldier on and expect things to get better with time. However, whilst some problems may go away untreated, it is important to draw a distinction between everyday aches and pains and chronic issues which might be the sign of an underlying problem. Many people are turning to physiotherapy to help alleviate a range of physical ailments and promote a greater sense of wellbeing. Our professionals are trained to offer a full range of services and can not only treat specific issues associated with injuries and medical conditions, but can also help build up your overall strength to help increase vitality and ease of movement. One of the many positive things about physiotherapy is that it does not compete with other treatment modalities but complements them; it can also be used in conjunction with prescriptions and other therapies to ensure that recovery time is lowered. For some people, physiotherapy can be the sole treatment and it often provides a more natural, immediate and long-lasting solution to a variety of problems. Treatment varies significantly from person to person, but the focus is on spending time with a patient to discover precisely what the issue is and the best technique to solve it. Through controlled movement, exercise, manual therapy and advice, our skilled professionals will help you to manage pain and facilitate recovery, leading to long-term gains. This is because our doctors won't just work on the site of pain, but also examine the lifestyle issues that may have given rise to a problem in the first place. Manual therapy is the name given to the variety of techniques that a trained physician will use to relieve pain and muscle stress. Soft tissue manipulation, massage and even hydrotherapy are just some of the techniques that are used to target imbalances in muscle and bone structure. However, these are rarely used on their own, and your doctor will employ them in conjunction with other exercises and advice about your lifestyle to help eliminate problems in the long term.    
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